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Jazz Biancci CAPP, is the founder of Spiraling Into Genius and The Consciousness Project 2020. An Author, International Speaker and Channel, Jazz mentors Emmy Award winning producers, fashion designers, and thought leaders on accessing and interacting with invisible influence for greater global impact.  Read More Here


Ever Wonder If There's More To Life?



There are levels of consciousness that offer direct access to your greatest gifts and purpose.


Attaining them requires departing from old beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that you have outgrown.


You get to choose — are you ready break character and do what you actually came here for?


Stop being perfect and start being you!


Life is waiting!


Hi, I’m Jazz Biancci, speaker, consciousness architect and founder of Spiraling Into Genius.


“I leave each session feeling rejuvenated, clear, grounded and ready to take action. She does not allow you to play small.

If you are ready to grow exponentially, face your demons and bust out into the world in a powerful way, work with Jazz".    


- Ashley McCormack. Designer at Cole Hahn



Turn Karma into Dharma.

I work with people hungry to retrieve and wield their deepest power. I can help you:

Release the ways you restrict yourself and tap into the creative force of life itself.

Develop loving relationships and drop what doesn’t serve you anymore.

​​Create a life that feels safe and abundant.

Expand your mind and ignite the spark within.

1:1Deep Dive Sessions

Realign the way you relate to yourself and the world, so you can transform reactions and deep emotional funks into clear signals for your next move.

Sensory Development 


Access and understand the energy in your environment, then master sensory feedback and messaging, so you get the most out of life — not the other way around.

“Jazz makes sense of things that we can’t make sense of, but that we feel deep in our hearts is misaligned.


And when we understand ourselves and get out of the comparing game our whole world opens up. Because of one conversation with her I now know how I can best stay in my power.”

                                                               - J. Edden, Sugar Addiction Expert

                                           Huntington, NY 


Want your audience to walk away from your event utterly transformed, and more connected to their life’s purpose? My speaking engagements combine powerful, mindful communication to wake up parts of the audience that they don’t normally experience.

“When Jazz Biancci takes the stage, prepare to be transported. Her unique ability to read a room and speak the truth of that moment is that masterful and deeply moving. She has years of experience in mindful communication and knows how to cut through to the truth, because there is no time for anything but the truth in Jazz’s orbit."

-Tricia Brouk, Award - Winning Director and Executive Producer of TEDx Lincoln Square 

Mari Carmen, Alexis Fuentes, Jazz Biancc
Speakers Who Dare
March 26th, 2019
20 TEDx-style talks + 4 Broadway performances.
March 6th, 2019
7:30 pm EST  FB LIVE

"As men in the #Metoo era, we NEED to be introspective, and critical about what our culture demands of us. We all NEED these kind of honest interactions. 

What you will see here, is men getting vulnerable with one another, willing to listen and to learn from one another in a beautiful energy of exchange and communion.

The fact that four men have been invited and united by a woman in an authentic conversation about manhood is a beautiful symbol of union; a symbol of reconciliation of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 

I am incredibly grateful for your initiative Jazz Biancci."

                                                                               - Ludo Gabriele, WOKE DADDY             

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