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“The day I discovered I was adopted was one of the happiest days of my life.”

When I was five years old, I sat on the sofa watching the entire family talk and celebrate Christmas. I knew then that I didn’t move or speak the way they did. There was always more happening beneath the surface than they talked about. Growing up I sensed the invisible: deep, wild feelings and spirits.

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I was told my birth mother might not want to meet me. I knew she did, so I continued to search for her. If I had listened to what they told me,

My Mom

I would have lost her entirely — she was diagnosed the day after we met, and died six weeks later. The more I trusted myself the more the world revealed itself to me.

In 2002, after arriving early to class, I heard a man’s voice over my shoulder telling me to write. I turned to find no one in the empty room. I retraced my steps — no one was anywhere. But I trusted the voice, and listened. Five years later I was a ghost writer for Simon and Schuster.

My life has been one unfolding after another. 

I’m able to sense things other people can’t. I can read energy, receive audible instruction, and know things that are impossible to know through normal human senses. It’s a gift, one that each of us has in one form or another. I’ve simply spent a lifetime seeking to understand and interact with what has always guided me.


It isn’t easy learning to trust oneself, especially when we’re trained from childhood to trust others authority over our own.

But if you’re ready go on the adventure of truly getting to know yourself, and you’re truly sick of giving your power away, I can teach you how to discover and master your inner truth and abilities.

Trust me — there is more to you and to this life. More than you’ve been taught.


Professional Bio

Jazz Biancci CAPP, is the founder of Spiraling Into Genius and The Consciousness Project 2020. An Author, International Speaker and Channel, Jazz mentors Emmy Award winning producers, fashion designers, and thought leaders on accessing and interacting with invisible influence for greater global impact.


 A former bestselling ghostwriter for Simon and Schuster, Jazz has been featured on Your Tango, Heart and Soul, Univision, New York Post, and Fox 5. Her speaking engagements include the Fit, Feminine & Fierce Conference, Soul Clarity & Abundance Live, and the upcoming Speakers Who Dare in NYC and the Fearless Women’s Summit in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jazz has been a guest on Be Awesome! with Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker, Activate Bold Choices with genetic physicist Robin Joy, Sourcing From The Collective Consciousness, Healthy, Wealthy, Smart, with Dr. Karen Litzy, The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk, and The Golden Mic with Marc Cordon. She hosts and produces four social media panels: Summer Series 2018 & 2019, Healing & Becoming The Divine Masculine, Shoulder -To - Shoulder and Conscious Masculinity Part II, designed to heal and grow stronger together through conscious, honest conversation.

Jazz credits her appreciation of the human spirit with her former life as a humanitarian. Her contributions include consulting for Wyclef Jean’s nonprofit Yele Haiti, where she traveled the country and advocated on the United Nations’ Committee for Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals’ Committee on Haiti.

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