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Coastline at Sunset

The Choice: Aligning With Your  Future


Have you ever wondered how free will and destiny are connected? Researchers at Cornell University estimate that every 24-hours, the average adult makes 35,000 decisions.


In a world that bombards us with information, we arrive at one question multiple times throughout our life.


That question is this: Will we live the life we've been handed or will we live the life we came here to live?


Want your audience to walk away from your event utterly transformed, and more connected to their life’s purpose?


I speak from the stage as a channel. Rather than telling your audience what I think they should know, I take a topic that is timely and utilize the prevailing energy in the room to construct the talk, which then allows me to address the underlying energy.


Together, we energetically craft the experience, which allows the audience to receive deeper messages.

Spiraling Into Genius

A. C. O'Neill,

Stakeholder at National Mass Violence & Victim Resource Center,

Philadelphia, PA

"Jazz Biancci has a way of captivating her audience and drawing them in. Her raw vulnerability, knowledge, and ability to connect makes you want to listen for more. Jazz is a seasoned performer and her comfort on the stage and willingness to tackle tough topics makes her unique."

Spiraling Into Genius

M. Carmen Pizarro,

HR Strategic Consultant,

Philadelphia, PA

"It's rare to come across extraordinary talented individuals like Jazz. I had the pleasure of working alongside Jazz for several months at the Speaker's Salon in NYC, collaborating with other speakers in creating talks that inspire and spark change. I am particularly impressed by Jazz intuitive ability to help us all handle even the toughest personal and professional situations—effortlessly.

That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come entirely naturally to her. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her. As a collaborator/speaker/coach Jazz earns my highest respect and a solid recommendation."

Spiraling Into Genius

S.Holand Gelfand,

Certified Functional Nutritionist,

New York, NY

"Being in the presence of Jazz when she is onstage is an experience not to be missed! Her calm demeanor and energy alone are enough to slow your breathing and lower your blood pressure! I've heard her speak multiple times and she connects to her audience in a deep meaningful way. If you're looking for someone to captivate your audience, Jazz is your person!" 

Spiraling Into Genius

A. Fuentes,

Youth Ministry Specialist,

Morristown, NJ

"Jazz's work will stop you in your tracks. She brings deep and meaningful insights. Her rich and vibrant life experience gives Jazz a perspective and a voice that is all her own. I love learning from her."

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