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Shifting Perspective During CV19

WE are in pregnant times, and like expecting parents, preparing for the life that will be born from this pivot point in our-story, let us get ourselves into a fluid yet, strong frame of mind.

Sitting in my 500 sq ft apartment, which may actually be smaller, I invite you to shift from feeling isolated to one of solitude.

What’s the difference?

The former is being done to you, the latter is a choice.

This shift has the power to move us out of victimization (and perhaps rebellion),and into our authority, and the power to choose how we utilize our Will.

I choose solitude to take care of myself, the elders and to honor the people in my community, as well as those I love.

I choose to see this time as an opportunity for each of us to recalibrate our energetic field and to detox from the invisible influences that we are unaware of, but come into contact w/ daily.

I choose to use this time to notice my own thoughts and feelings, and to challenge or shift them in order to cultivate the goodness I choose to see reflected in my world and in those that I encounter.

I choose to see this time as a luxury that allows me to rest, self - educate, talk to friends, deepen connections, organize my life, read, write, create, do pushups and day dream.

I know that the space to observe and witness myself has been one of the practices that has shifted my life, and I choose to see how Life has invited me to dance once more with it and my own mortality, in order to expand my consciousness and further connect me to It and the divinity inherent within me and ALL others.

I choose to believe and trust in extraordinary outcomes and miracles, for I have experienced many and know them to be real and frequent.

I choose to forgive the world and everyone in it.

I choose to put on music and dance around my apartment when I feel cabin fever kicking in.

I choose to make myself laugh, when I can’t find a funny video. I also choose to let the tears flow to purge any stuck energy.

I choose to sing while disinfecting deliveries, my keys, faucets and door knobs.

I choose to send love to our planet and everyone on it, bc who couldn’t use a bit more of it right now?

I choose to play and daydream, like I did as a child, in order to maintain my own happiness and inspiration.

I choose gratitude for my home, my building and everyone in it, my neighborhood and my kick ass chosen family.

I choose to do some laundry in my bathtub, imagining I’m at a crystal clear stream in a peaceful, enchanted forest, rather than put on rubber gloves and a mask, to then venture downstairs.

I choose how I’m going to ride this storm out and I choose to do so with joy, dignity, grace, calm and respect for ALL of life, no matter how things may seem or appear.

I choose how I will respond to the feedback I receive from the world, confident that I will think critically and strategically, should the volume beyond my doorstep be turned up.

I choose to remember that while I may be rolling solo, I am never alone.

Free Will

What do you choose?

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