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They Told You Who to Be — What if They Were Wrong?

I know you’re yearning to taste your greatness. To contribute to the world in ways that utterly transform it. To step fully into who you really are.


Look, I’ve deprogrammed, and am constantly deprogramming. I’ve made it my very life’s work. And I want to help you do the same.


I want to be clear — this work isn’t for everyone. Contact me if you’re earnest about deepening your quest.




It’s Time to Wield Your Power

Let me show you how.

During our coaching session, Jazz asked me simply to stand in front of the mirror. and do the relationship exercise she gave me. You could see the fear and agony in my eyes. Jazz talked me through this pain. We kept at it until I was able to stand there, look at myself, say good things about myself and the "kind" of woman I was and wanted to be. That night you were my knight and shinning armor. 


 I literally left that coaching session a different person, a better person, a better version of me.  Thank you!"


                                                           - Bonnie Gutz, Houston, TX 


Your astrology chart is one that you co - created. It's purpose is to help you remember who you are, why you're here, what direction to go, where you've spent lifetimes and how to navigate life in a harmonious way. 

SoulStar provides clarity on bonding and security strategies, how your energy interacts with the energy of others and aligning with your strengths.


How It Works:

Once appointment is booked and payment is made, you'll receive a Zoom link for appointment. **Sessions are nonrefundable but can be rescheduled within a 30 day period with 24 hours advanced notice. Appointments made without payment will be canceled.


$325 for 60 - Minutes


 As requested, you can now have a 1 hour one-to-one talk with Jazz. Here you can have an interactive channeled chat about anything you like. Jazz will tap into her connection as a Channel, life experience and other gifts to help bring perspective and the raw insight she is known for.


This session is a great way to get clarity on a current situation.


How It Works:

You tell Jazz the situation you need help with and she'll bring the Channeled Insight, a glimpse into Past Life, North Node and Divine Healing Energy (Deeksha). 

(**Note: This is not a Deep Dive session.) Please come prepared with 1 - 2 topics. Notice what starts percolating between the booking and the appointment, as the energetic brings your attention to where it's needed. Trust the process. 

Once appointment is booked and payment is made, you'll receive a Zoom link for appointment. **Sessions are nonrefundable but can be rescheduled within a 30 day period with 24 hours advanced notice. Appointments made without payment will be canceled.


$204 for 45 - Minutes

Deep Dive

The mind body system is built for speed and designed to be ecstatic!

When body, mind and energetic are not communicating the result is exhaustion, external need for validation, direction and approval, apathy and fear. Realign the way you relate to yourself and the world, so you can transform reactions and deep emotional funks into clear signals for your next move and trust yourself again.

One size does not fit ALL.

 Jazz takes a tailored approach with clients. Everyone is at different places in their journey and deserves a personalized experience. 

The program consists of 5 private weekly sessions by phone or Zoom spread out over five weeks. Each session is 60 minutes. You will have access to Jazz via email during the week to discuss any questions or realizations that come to you after the session. There may be some written assignments, reflections and meditations between sessions.


It is highly recommended that you keep your work in one place such as a journal for future reference. Jazz works with a frequency of consciousness and channeling that continues to activate for years to come!


To find out more schedule your FREE 15 - Minute 1:1.

$1,171 for 5 Week Deep Dive

Sensory Intensive Bootcamp 

Coming Soon!


Gen Anderson,

The Guiltless Gourmet,

Los Angeles, CA

"Jazz has an amazing way of pin - pointing the emotional games we are unconsciously playing in our relationship. Then she delivers her insights with clarity and humor in a way that helps me to better understand myself and my partner, and possible solutions".


Daphne Douge,Fitness Competitor,

Brooklyn, NY

"I don't know how she did it but once again, Jazz has ignited a fire in me that I knew was there but just needed help to to bring it out. Jazz helped me bring the best to the stage at my first competition and don't think I could have had the energy and success I did if it weren't for her! Thanks Jazz!"

Brenda R.jpg

Brenda Ramos,Founder Authentic Whole Self,

Hoboken, NJ

"I had a very deep and intense shift in awareness after speaking with Jazz. It opened me up to hearing, I am here to help you. It’s like God himself spoke to me through you. WOW!!! I’m feeling so different, aligned, 

aware and awake. 

Thank you so much for channeling what I needed to hear and feel."

Michael R.jpg

Michael Reisin,

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management,

New York, NY

"Jazz possesses unique gift of having the capacity to identify and harness one’s strengths, while simultaneously illuminating and mitigating one’s weaknesses. Jazz does this in a gentle, yet focused way, the results being both powerful and measurable. She will guide you to become the person you always wanted to be," 

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