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David Richeson

CM 2019!

President of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, USA​


Spencer Jacobson

CM 2019!

Founder & Host of ‘RealMan’ Podcast​

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Jazz Biancci CAPP

CM 2019!

Moderator & Founder Spiraling Into Genius

Jay Brown.JPG

Jay Brown

CM 2019!

Creator of the Evo Experience

Ludo G.JPG

Ludo Gabriel

CM 2019!

Creator of

The Conscious Masculinity Panel

"As men in the #Metoo era, we NEED to be introspective, and critical about what our culture demands of us. We all NEED these kind of honest interactions. 

What you will see here, is men getting vulnerable with one another, willing to listen and to learn from one another in a beautiful energy of exchange and communion.

The fact that four men have been invited and united by a woman in an authentic conversation about manhood is a beautiful symbol of union; a symbol of reconciliation of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 

I am incredibly grateful for your initiative Jazz Biancci."

                                                                                                      - Ludo Gabriele

The Consciousness Project 2020