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David Richeson

CM 2019!

President of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, USA​


Spencer Jacobson

CM 2019!

Founder & Host of ‘RealMan’ Podcast​

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Jazz Biancci CAPP

CM 2019!

Moderator & Founder Spiraling Into Genius

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Jay Brown

CM 2019!

Creator of the Evo Experience

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Ludo Gabriel

CM 2019!

Creator of

The Conscious Masculinity Panel

"As men in the #Metoo era, we NEED to be introspective, and critical about what our culture demands of us. We all NEED these kind of honest interactions. 

What you will see here, is men getting vulnerable with one another, willing to listen and to learn from one another in a beautiful energy of exchange and communion.

The fact that four men have been invited and united by a woman in an authentic conversation about manhood is a beautiful symbol of union; a symbol of reconciliation of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 

I am incredibly grateful for your initiative Jazz Biancci."

                                                                                                      - Ludo Gabriele

The Consciousness Project 2020

This channel is coming soon!

The goal of Conscious Masculinity is to be a safe container to explore and heal the energetic divides within ourselves, and between men and women. 

Using technology to come together while grounded in personal space, we engage with vulnerability and curiosity in real time, to have challenging and often socially taboo conversations. 

This allows us to notice how various subject matter challenges our belief systems and trigger us emotionally, so that we can begin to own, examine and support one another on the quest of becoming...

Through the process of participation and observation, we (panel and audience) transform and move forward, consciously co - creating the relationships, partnerships and world we desire. 

"I think these guys deserve a lot of credit for being so open and honest about the way they treated women in the past and showing how they have grown through maturity and experience.

I thought Jay was really good and so Zen. I walked away from the session and found myself reflecting. Thanks for another great panel."

                                              - S. Winter

"To me, being open and honest about our failure is just as important and impactful as sharing our achievements.


It allows others to let go of the shame or guilt that comes when they "fall off their horse,"and aren't doing so well. We need to let others get comfortable with sharing bad behavior so they can receive the support and feedback that's needed to evolve."

                                              - Jay Brown


Ludo Gabriele – Creator of


​Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ludo is a multilingual senior marketing consultant, strategist, writer and healthy masculinity advocate based in New York City.

He is the co-founder of DLG Media, an emerging media company that aim to elevate the stories of multicultural America.

He is also the creator of, a platform where he share his thoughts and life experiences about fatherhood, society and masculinity. International coverage includes Broadly, The Independent, Stylist, The Herald and BabyCenter.

David Richeson | President of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, USA​

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

David has been a student of Hermetic Philosophy for over 20 years and he is grateful to be able to contribute to the Institute by serving others in multiple capacities at IHP.

In his professional career, he is the Chief of Digital Innovation and Influence for Marina Maher Communications, a top marketing and communications firm, serving many Fortune 500 clients such as Procter & Gamble, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and COTY.

He has been an award-winning thought-leader in the field of social media, digital marketing and technology for over 15 years and was recognized by the Holmes Report in their Innovator 15 as someone shaping the future of marketing and communications through social & digital influence and engagement.



Spencer Jacobson | Founder & Host of ‘RealMan’ Podcast​

Website | Podcast | Facebook | Instagram

Spencer is a dynamic coach, facilitator and thought leader in the field of human potential and the future of work.

He has coached and consulted at organizations ranging from the F500 to venture-backed startups.

He believes “work” can and should be a source of personal growth, joy and meaning for all people and business can be a catalyst for social change. He is a Professional Certified Coach through the ICF and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training.

When he’s not working, you’ll find him doing yoga and dancing like no one is watching.

Jay Brown | Creator of the Evo Experience​

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jay is a life hacker and professor of play. He began his journey into entrepreneurship back in 2005 with the launch of a music licensing company called Unifik Music.

As a proponent for musicians, he and his partner licensed music to major broadcast TV networks such as MTV, VH1, The History Channel, ESPN, and many more. Soon after, Jay founded an event production company which achieved early success after Jay booked Beyonce to host an event.

Jay is a student of Victor Vernon Wolfe, the founder of Holodynamics. It was the wisdom given by Dr. Wolfe that inspired Jay’s passion for understanding the human consciousness and ultimately lead him to create the Evo Experience.

Jazz Biancci CAPP (Moderator) | Founder Spiraling Into Genius 

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Jazz Biancci CAPP, is the founder of Spiraling Into Genius and The Consciousness Project 2020. An Author, International Speaker and Channel, Jazz mentors Emmy Award winning producers, fashion designers, and thought leaders on accessing and interacting with invisible influence for greater global impact. 


A former ghostwriter for Simon and Schuster, Jazz has been featured on Your Tango, Heart and Soul, Univision, New York Post, and Fox 5.


Her speaking engagements include the Fit, Feminine & Fierce Conference, Soul Clarity & Abundance Live, and the upcoming Speakers Who Dare in NYC and Fearless Women’s Summit in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jazz has been a guest on Be Awesome! with Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker, Activate Bold Choices with genetic physicist Robin Joy, Sourcing From The Collective Consciousness, Healthy, Wealthy, Smart, with Dr. Karen Litzy, The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk, and The Golden Mic with Marc Cordon. She hosts and produces three social media panels: Summer Series 2018 & 2019, Healing & Becoming The Divine Masculine, and Conscious Masculinity Part II.

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